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Water Base Dispersions

Water Based Dispersions are water emulsified rosins, mostly rosin esters. They have good compatibility with most polymer lattices used in tape and labelling PSA adhesives, including acrylic and SBR lattices.

Their uses are mainly water based PSA’s specially for labelling and tape industry.

These type of PSA adhesives is obtained by simply mixing a rosin derivative dispersion and an acrylic polymer emulsion at between 20:80 and 30:70 rosin dispersion, acrylic polymer and other additives like antifoam and wetting agents.
These products are absolutely solvent free and might precipitate
if mixed with cationic lattices or other cationic substances.

When mixing with other substances, it might need slow addition in order to prevent precipitation or grit formation.
Exposure to extreme temperatures (freezing or very hot) must be avoided.

Our serie of water based dispersions are in compliance with US Food and Drug Administration for use in food packaging and food processing. Title 21 of Code Federal Regulations, section 175.105 Adhesives. All components are listed in EINECS (European Inventory of Existing Commercial Chemical Substances).

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