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  • We define our path based on our past.

  • Not learning anything means

  • that the future will be the same as the present

  • with the same limitations.


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Disproportionated Gum Rosin
Non Crystallizing Gum Rosin
Polymerized Gum Rosins
Diethylene Glycol Ester
Rosin Fumarated Ploymer with Glycerol
Pentaerythritol Ester of Gum Rosin/Wood Rosin
Glycerol Ester of Gum Rosin
Glycerol Ester of Gum Rosin/Wood Rosin
Pentaerythritol Ester of Modified Gum Rosin
Glycerol Ester of Modified Gum Rosin
Maleic Rosin Adduct Partially Esterified with Glycerol
Fumaric Rosin Adduct
Polyterpene Resins
Water Base Dispersions

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Food & Beverage
Key Solutions
Solid Bricks
Button Application Matrix
Inks & Varnishes
Road Marking

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